Mediated over 1500 commercial disputes between domestic and multi-national companies, mainly ad-hoc, including the following representative sample:


  • Case involving insurance coverage for loss of an offshore sub-sea well in the North Sea under an Energy Package Policy issued by various London insurers and alleged damages to the assembly allegedly caused by severe windstorm.
  • Dispute between exploration company and service company involving alleged fraud, a bad squeeze job, incompetent control of water flow, and
    failure to pay for services rendered.
  • Dispute involving the failure of a wireless drift indicator to accurately monitor the angle of the drill bit during drilling operations.
  • Dispute between developers and suppliers of resin coated sands used in fracking involving allegations of breach of contract, violation of trade dress, and unfair competition.
  • Dispute between contracting parties concerning the alleged faulty design and construction of a special use drilling platform and unfair pricing for the completed rig.
  • Dispute involving a service company suit to recover on a sworn account and cross action for damage to wells and threat of bankruptcy of defendant.
  • Claims for personal injury and property damage caused by a superfund site between 2000 individuals and a refinery accused of dumping toxic waste.
  • Dispute involving alleged breach of a commission agreement seeking specific performance of delivery of assignment of overriding royalty interest allegedly due for finding an operator of an offshore oil and gas concession in the Mediterranean.


  • Dispute between parties to an exclusive license agreement for the sale and distribution of hardware and software tools that measure emissions in refineries and chemical plants to determine if the company is in environmental compliance.
  • Mediation of over 20 personal injury claims against an Energy Company resulting from the explosion of a refinery.
  • Dispute involving buyer and seller of a condominium unit for breach of purchase and sale agreement relating to time for closing and completion of the unit and plans and specifications for construction of the unit.
  • Dispute between minority investor-shareholders of medical technology company alleging fraud, interference with business relationships, breach of fiduciary in operations, and management of companies in which some of the investors may own interests.
  • Claim by FTC seeking injunctive relief and penalties against a technology advertising company for allegedly participating in deceptive and unfair acts and practices in the course of transmitting unsolicited commercial electronic text messaging.
  • Will contest lawsuits involving allegations of incompetency and undue influence.


  • Dispute between employer and employee under employment contracts
  • Disputes involving covenants not to compete, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Disputes involving age and gender discrimination and sexual harassment

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