In excess of 100 (over 80 as chairman or sole arbitrator) commercial disputes between domestic and multi-national companies, originating through the American Arbitration Association, CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, and ad-hoc, and before the ICC International Court of Arbitration.


  • Dispute between geophysical service provider and exploration company relating to the interpretation and construction of a service agreement for seismic shoot in Africa.
  • Various claims regarding contract interpretation including a drilling contract of an off-shore rig, provisions of a service contract maintenance, repair of a blowout preventer, and long-term operator agreement for the manufacture of products from certain feed stocks.
  • Dispute between two gas companies concerning the obligation to pay excise taxes.
  • Dispute involving a refinery and chemical company dealing with the purchase, storage and sale of certain supplies of by-products used in the manufacturing chemicals and out-put requirements.
  • Disputes between exploration companies and service companies involving alleged damages to well and reservoir.
  • Dispute regarding representations and warranties in Asset Purchase Agreement involving fuel gases, including propylene, and provisions relating to working capital and account receivables.


  • Contract disputes and termination damages issues between multi-national retail companies and a software company for the manufacture of an application for mobile devices.
  • Dispute between holder and issuer of warrants for common stock regarding the proper exercise of the warrants and whether the triggering event had occurred as referenced in the warrants.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and securities fraud dispute between customer and financial advisor including allegations of the purchase of unsuitable investments and failure to properly diversify investments and to educate itself about the investor’s needs and financial knowledge.
  • Accounting malpractice disputes involving a bankruptcy trustee and an alleged failure to give a going concern opinion and allegations of improper use of company valuation.
  • Dispute between minority and majority shareholders for alleged mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duties in paying excessive compensation and benefits.
  • Claims against a bank for alleged wrongful dishonor, fraudulent inducement and wrongful foreclosure and cross actions for collection of obligations under notes and guaranties.
  • Dispute between international banks regarding alleged fraudulent wire transfers.


  • Dispute between employer and employee under employment contracts
  • Disputes involving covenants not to compete, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Disputes involving age and gender discrimination and sexual harassment

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